Samantha Diane.<3 (samantha363) wrote in retro_candy,
Samantha Diane.<3

Name :  Samantha.
Age :  13
Sign : cancer.
Movies : the breakfast club. grease. finding nemo :-)
Favourite Colour : hot pink.
Favourite Word : flabbergasted. i find that word hilarious so i use it as much as possible :-)
What do you like most about you?  my eyes
What do you like least?  my hair.
If you could meet a rockstar, who would it be?  jim morrison although hes dead. haha.
Why am I a sexy? because although i may not be the hottest person i still accept myself and never try to be like anyone else
Where did you hear about us? i found you in the interest.
Who is your role model? i really dont have one .i mean theres people i am influenced by but no one that is really my role model.
Who do you wish you looked like? lindsay lohan or hilary duff. a lot people talk bad about them but i think their gorgeous . theres actually alot of celebrities i'd love to look like but its never going to happen so i just learned to like the way i look.

i saw that alot of people posted pictures but i cant. im sorry my computer is messed up right now and wont let me scan any pictures into my computer but as soon as i can i will put them on here if you'd like. thank you <3

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