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Name : natalie.

Age :
fifteen. :/

Sign :

Movies :
hedwig &the angry inch!  trainspotting.  the virgin suicides.  but im a cheerleader.  ghost world.  the basketball diaries.  party monster.  &a bunch more :D

Favourite Colour :
  pink!  any kind of pink<3  &green

Favourite Word :
um i enjoy saying "Commes des Garcons" if that counts! 

What do you like most about you?
my styleee! 

What do you like least?
my weight.

If you could meet a rockstar, who would it be?
um, ive met who ive wanted to-johnny whitney of the blood brothers.  other wise i'd like to meet scarling. &katie jane garside of queen adreena :D

Why am I a sexy?
you? im not sure who you are..  but me?  because i said so..! &my style is ;P

Where did you hear about us?
interest search, boring, i know :(

Who is your role model?
not really a role model, but i just adore bettie page.  &marilyn monroe

Who do you wish you looked like?
katie jane garside or rickey lime!

[katie jane]


pictures of me:

rockin' ze granny glasses!

sorry for the picture overload :(
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