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dont just stare...

Name : miss.amanda
Age : 14
Sign : taurus
Movies : Ghost World, Band of Outsiders, Amelie, Love me if you Dare, Bebbettes Feast, Alice in Wonderland, idk the classics?
Favourite Colour : pink, aqua, brown
Favourite Word : i say "mos def" alot and call everyone "darlin'" but i have to say my favorite is "absolute" kinda odd but just say it...
What do you like most about you? my hair my eyes and my lips.
What do you like least? my breasts and my feet
If you could meet a rockstar, who would it be? not in to so say "rock" but id love to meet Gravy Train!!!
Why am I a sexy? darlin have you seen me?

Where did you hear about us?  i saw a promotion banner in an indie community
Who is your role model?  Jackie Kennedy
Who do you wish you looked like? Odile (Anna Karina) from Band of Outsiders...

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