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mah applicationnn <3

Name : Priscilla A
Age : 16
Sign : Aquarius
Movies : pulp fiction, clockwork orange, resivoir dogs, american history X, requiem for a dream, hedwig and the angry inch, ect.
Favourite Colour : red and yellow
Favourite Word : suga muffin =p
What do you like most about you? my eyes and lips i guess, i dont really go on about myself
What do you like least? my round cheeks! gah on them >=O
If you could meet a rockstar, who would it be? kathleen hanna! shes awesome ;) i dig her music
Why am I a sexy? becuz people have weird stuff in there eyes and tell me so =O
Where did you hear about us? london after midnight interests
Who is your role model? angelina joile!!! omg shes hot and totally awesome!!!
Who do you wish you looked like? marliyn monroe, shes just beautiful!!!

dont make fun of me >_< but here i am!


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