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New application<33

Name : Clarissa
Age : Sixteen
Sign :
Cancer (July 22)
Movies : -Beaches- Valley Girl- Hocus Pocus- Breakfast Club- Breakfast at Tiffany's- Pretty in PInk
Favourite Colour : Pink and yellow
Favourite Word : Quite and Darling
What do you like most about you? I Like my eyes in a phyical sense and i love my personality becuase I am a fun loving easy going person who gets along wiht different people.
What do you like least?  I hate being only five feet sometimes. I wish I could be more of an average height.
If you could meet a rockstar, who would it be? David Bowe. I Have thing for him his music is Kick ass and he is such a looker and I just love his style of things. And another person in would meet would be Steve Tyler.
Why am I a sexy? I am sexy becuase I think I am pretty I mean everyone has their flaws its what make us unquie. And To be Sexy who have to ahve a good attitude about things. You could be a total Jerk but be gorgeous and it makes you look ugly becuase your not a good person.
Where did you hear about us? I did an LJ interest search.
Who is your role model? Lucille Ball...in her time women were looked at becuase of their beauty it was totally not heard of to hear a woman being known for her humor. Lucille Ball was gorgeous and hilarious actress.
Who do you wish you looked like? If I could look like anyone I would look like Elizabeth Tyler when she was younger. She was so gorgeous and such knock out. I love everything about the way she looked.
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